Get back, in 2003


And so it came to pass that there was a gathering of great minds in a house in deepest Buckinghamshire.

Next door, in a pub, there was what might be termed The Central Rates Past Masters 2003 conference.

Attendees were :

Kevin FM Solari FIA, Leader until the mid 90s Nick, Leader either side of the Year 2000 overtime bonanza Colin, would've made it but was ousted when Nick realised what was happening Ian weird-old-waspy Wynands
Ralph, looking alarmingly like Christopher Reeve Greg, thoughtful Linda, glamorous Russ, they Think They're Funny, but they're not
Robert, mustn't misbehave because The Wife's here Andy, bouffant Richard, look at that shiner Grae, 3 trams short of the set

And members of the Fan Club ...

Eleanor, eating the rice from a plate where the chicken has been Jo, Cool, stroking her, errrr, cat. Amanda, quizzical, studied metaphysical, etc Fraser, thoughtful


More Shots of Brains being exercised  ...