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Every home should have one of these.    "Kev says ..." originated many years back (in the Good Old Days), and is a record of the things people said, that were either funny, stupid, or just destined to be quoted mindlessly whenever two or more (or fewer) people sit down for a beer (or a coffee [rancid, but at least it's free]) (at least it used to be free).

At the time of publishing, we haven't updated Kev Says for quite a while, and so it's all old stuff.  So, the first link in the list is not actually a link at all.  When we get a few suitable items submitted for the Current Stuff section, then I'll put it live (and alter this paragraph).

Of the links that really do exist, the oldest stuff is at the bottom of the pile.  There are some treasures in these lists, so don't be put off if the first few things do nothing for you.

First time readers, therefore, might choose to start at the bottom. (tee hee)

Current stuff

Old Stuff

Very old Stuff

very very old stuff