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Appearances, we hope, can be deceptive.

For security reasons, you understand, the photographs on our official records have been tampered with.

This is to prevent management from being able to identify us, in the event of any of our code being a pile of poo (say).

So this is a selection from those very same official records :

NickWigsml.jpg (33880 bytes) 

 Aut_0602sml.jpg (19011 bytes)

Aut_0601sml.jpg (23410 bytes)

GregWigsml.jpg (28735 bytes)

Aut_0607sml.jpg (17879 bytes)

Aut_0608sml.jpg (19350 bytes)

Aut_0604sml.jpg (20392 bytes)

JonWigsml.jpg (27769 bytes)

Aut_0610sml.jpg (29790 bytes)

Aren't they just darlings?

More hot stuff from just around the corner

Yet more, from another avenue

What's all this with the wig you ask.  Well, it's the thing that we reach for if we ever need to appear intelligent.  Everything's relative, you see, and you look so stupid wearing the wig that anything you say while wearing it will seem like the utterings of Steven Hawking in comparison.  Unfortunately (w) we can't do the voice, and (3$) nobody understands Mr H (who's only really cool because he appeared on the Simpsons).