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Things tend to evolve slowly, but this is where
you find out what's happened most recently:

30 July 2003 The evening at the Mole & Chicken
26 July 2003 Robert & Eleanor's wedding
20 April 2003 The rest of the pics of the Hampden Arms meal
10 Feb 2003 Pics of Hampden Arms meal
28 Nov 2002 Added photos of Pensions Review Team
7 Nov 2002 Added the (incomplete) fonetic alphabet, and another Davey bit.
6 Nov 2002 Moved most of the Rodeo photos elsewhere.
6 Nov 2002 Who Did It added under What We Do
14th Oct 2002 Another small batch of pictures, mostly Cov.
1st Oct 2002 Nick's Last Day (18 months late)
10 Sept 2002 Finally got around to doing the Rodeo pages, which are just a collection of various people riding any of my tricycles.
26 August 2002 Added a link to the Notes & Queries page
27 June 2002 Greg's wedding photos
30th May 2002 Updated Davey's page for the "falling asleep on the train" stories.
11th May 2002 Added a few dozen more photos.
3rd April 2002 Correct an em-bare-ass-ing error, and add a few more top shots.
29th March 2002  More joining pics, and you can now get the name by hovering over the picture
13th March 2002 Major re-hash, and add some "joining photos"
24th July 2001 added "Barbecued"
7th Feb 2001 added "What They Said", and a couple of extra pictures of Mark.
2nd Feb 2001 added "What's New" and an AXess page under Looking Gorgeous