Who Are We ?


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Way back then, there used to be lots of us.   But you know how it is, time and tide get to you after a while.  The strong currents of Loudwater have swept away all the intellectual lightweights, and only the solid stalwarts remain.

We used to be a crack squad of 13 "Sys Anal"s, who passed most days away sitting in our high prestige location near High Wycombe. We used to see the cars go by, and wave to the drivers. And we could see the railway.  

And there was that time when we all watched Eleanor waiting to cross the road.  How disappointed she would have been if she'd turned around and seen a dozen staring faces.

So, who's actually still there ?

As from 11th March 2002, there's just the two of us left as full time number crunchers.

First to arrive in the morning is Margaret, who keeps an eye on everything that goes on.  She used to look after some of the monkeys, when there were lots of them. 

Then there's Ralph, a frustrated wannabee professional cyclist.  And he'll remain a wannabee forever, because of two good reasons :

(a) he's just not anywhere good enough to get a contract
(2) he's got far too much body hair to be a good advert for anyone
(iii) he rides a tricycle, and Triang are out of business